Election Research by Janadhar India

One stop shop for Election Research, Voters Survey, Political Analysis and Election Campaign Management in India.

Understanding voters behaviour is a challenging task for others, and we offer a range of election research services that help to get the right Janadhar

  • Quantative Voters Survey
  • Qualatative Research
  • Psphological Election Research
  • Custmoized Election Strategy

Quantative Voters Survey

Election Research by Janadhar India helps with verfied survey at polling booth level. Our unique app gives the real time data with verified survey results through GPS location and Audio clip of voter.

Qualatative Research

Understand all dynamics of your constituency and design your election strategy based on key factors like caste, category, issues, influencers, popularity index and competition

Psphological Election Research

Read the mind of voter and keep an eye on voters mood. Election Research by Janadhar India analyse voters mood at booth level to draft your election strategy and execute political campaign that connects with voters.

Custmoized Election Strategy

Every polling booth behaves different when it comes to elections. Election Research by Janadhar India helps you with customized election strategy that works for you and deliver your communication to the right voter.

Political Reputation Management

Voters are tend to believe what they see in Print Media, Electronic Media and Digital Media. We, at Janadhar India, manage your reputation and improve visibility in all media vehicles across globe.

Voters Outreach

Janadhar India's customized voters outreach programs are designed in a way that you reach-out all voters and increase the vote share in your favor. This includes, Field and digital voters outreach