Run a successful and logical political campaign with the traditional way of marketing. Yes, in this era WhatsApp messages, Text messages, Push notifications, Voice calls can help you win the game. These ways for election campaigning is still a better way to reach out targeted audience or simply voters of your electoral boundary.




With an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, you can set up surveys, polls and reminders so that voters can  interact using a simple keypress. IVR systems allow you to connect with your customers like never before.

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Bulk SMS

Reach potential supporters and voters by text message. SMS text messaging can help you get your message out quickly to supporters and voters. With this, you can increase voter turnout and remind supporters about the key issues of your campaign.

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Bulk Whatsapp

WhatsApp is a powerful tool for political campaigns due to several unique features of the platform. Political leaders can use WhatsApp services to spread legitimate information about party activities issues and more.

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Push Notifications

Push Notifications is quickly replacing email marketing. With this political candidates can reach voters using mobile phones or tablets They are highly engaging but non-intrusive and you can get an unparalleled opportunity to reach digital voters.



We lead distinctive political conferences through media to impact the voters by sharing the political message and tuning in to their issues and nearby issues.

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Mobile App

Understand your constituents and map out your supporters with the Political Canvassing app by Janadhar India. Even you can conduct efficient polling and gain support for election from smartphone users.

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Bulk Voice Call

Use bulk voice calls to send important alerts, campaign details, promotions, updates and notifications to voters. We send your message on hundreds or thousands of mobile numbers in minutes.


Live Streaming

With live streaming politicians & candidates can directly reach to electorates & press. With live video, campaign statements, promises & other issues can be broadcast live to a mass audience, instantly

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Janadhar India is a global success platform for politicians that helps them to grow their mobile presence and help them to engage with their target audience.

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Push Notifications

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