Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Janadhar India – Best Election Campaign Management Company for Bihar Assembly Elections 2020.

Q1. When will the Bihar Assembly Elections held?

Bihar is one of the most important states in the country. This is a most active state when it comes to politics, be it the Lok Sabha elections or, assembly elections. The assembly elections of Bihar are due to be held in October-November 2020. Due to recent COVID-19 outbreak, there will be some safety measures introduced by the election commission of India. The current Nitish Kumar Government will fight for the 4th term.

Q2. Why Require a Election Campaign Management Company for Bihar Assembly Elections 2020?

The political competition in Bihar is very tough, and political party or candidate should have a great campaigning process to stay ahead of the competition. The election campaign management service in Bihar from Janadhar India will be able to help you with this. Janadhar India will be able to get you or your party propagated among all the voters.

Q3. Why do we need survey agency for Bihar assembly elections 2020?

Political survey, pre-poll survey, booth canvassing, booth level survey, psephologist survey, voters mood research, jan ki baat are very essential to design your political campaign in Bihar assembly elections 2020. Janadhar India has technology based survey solution for assembly poll survey and booth management.

Q4. Does Janadhar India provide exit poll or opinion poll for political parties or media channels?

Yes, Janadhar India has been helping political parties, candidates and news channels in conducting opinion polls, exit polls and perception study. Janadhar India has team of more than 250 political research professionals for Bihar assembly elections 2020.

Q5. Which company provide Door to Door Voter Canvassing in Bihar?

Janadhar India has expertise in managing door to door voter canvassing in Bihar assembly elections 2020. Our trained volunteers go door to door and connect with all voters.

Q6. How to win Bihar assembly elections with Janadhar India?

Janadhar India develop customized election campaign strategy to assure maximum voters turnout. Janadhar India’s team of political consultant in Bihar design strategy that includes, propaganda, voters connect, influencer connect, and booth management.

Q7. What is the best campaign strategy for Bihar Assembly Elections 2020?

To win any election Janadhar India follow customized modules based on constituency, candidate and constituents. For Bihar Assembly Elections we do Survey, Campaign strategy, media planning, ground intelligence, LED video van, Jan Charcha, Jan Samvad, Social Media, and door to door propaganda. Janadhar India is best election campaign management company in India and Bihar.

Q8. What are best election campaign management company in India?

Janadhar India is one of the best election campaign management company in India. Janadhar India has managed 18 state assembly elections and 2 lok sabha elections till now. Contact Janadhar India for best political consultant in Bihar Elections 2020.

Q9. Who is the founder of Janadhar India?

Manish Jha, a leading political consultant, TV panelist is founder of Janadhar India. Manish Jha has been featured in many major news paper. Manish Jha understands Bihar Assembly Elections 2020. Know more about him here.

Q10. How to contact Janadhar India?

You may call our helpline number 0124-4320053 or email us on and we will contact you with customized election campaign management plan for Bihar assembly elections. you can also contact us by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions – Janadhar India.

Frequently Asked Questions – Janadhar India.