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Contact today for end-to-end election campaign management services in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur for Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2019. Gurgaon, Rohtak, Ambala, Chandigarh, Faridabad, for Haryana Assembly Elections 2019. Ranchi, Bokaro, Dhanbad, Jamshedpur, Kolkata for Jharkhand Assembly Elections 2019. Jammu for Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Elections 2019.

Manish Jha in News Odisha 2019

Manish Jha, Political Consultant and Founder of Janadhar India was featured in several major news papers in Odisha during recent concluded Assembly and Parliament Elections 2019.


Manish Jha, Janadhar India

“Manish Jha on Lok Sabha TV Lok Manch Uttar Pradesh ka Ganit” is locked Manish Jha on Lok Sabha TV Lok Manch Uttar Pradesh ka Ganit

Watch Manish Jha, Political Consultant and Election Strategist in Lok Sabha TV’s Lok Manch - Uttar Pradesh Ka Ganit.

Manish Jha is an established and seasoned Political Consultant and Election Strategist in India.

Manish Jha Election Strategist

Hitech LED Video Van for Elections

Reach your voters at booth level with hitech GPS enabled Hydraulic LED Video Van.


Janadhar India Voter outreach, LED van, Branding and image building

Janadhar India offers all services to promote you among your voters. Please contact today for LED video vans, Election campaign vehicles, human banners, hoardings, wall painting, cinema advertising, propaganda, election volunteers, political events, election rally, social media and media planning.

Janadhar India Voter Outreach Services

Janadhar India election research and survey service

Janadhar India is an end-to-end election management service provider in India. Its election research and political survey service is best in class in India and provide accurate tech verified data for booth level survey, opinion polls, exit polls, voter canvassing for upcoming elections.

Political Survey and Election Research by Janadhar India

Janadhar India Election Management Software

  2. Worried about the upcoming elections? Presenting the one-stop solution for all your polling related analysis. Janadhar India Constituency Management System is a comprehensive one-stop solution for leading political parties/MPs/MLAs to manage their constituency information in convenient manner. The election software comprises of all the relevant information of a particular constituency that every political party/MP/MLA needs to have to make their way to success. This Constituency Manager helps the Political parties and Individual leaders in managing the complex data of the constituency. The software fetches all the relevant political data of a particular constituency being monitored by the MPs/MLAs. The whole data is categorized on three distinct levels, i.e., parliamentary, assembly and polling booth level respectively. Now get all the necessary information with relevant filters with our political software. The software is pre-loaded with the names and contact details of all the influential people of a particular constituency. The election software also manages crucial information of a particular constituency like Caste- wise voter’s data, party workers, voter canvassing and even the development work on lowest possible polling booth level. It has got an Advance Search option for easy access of every required information. Janadhar India Election management Software is a comprehensive solution for political parties/MLAs to manage constituency information in sleek and simple way. With the help of this tool you can save your lot of precious time and maintain a healthy relationship with the voters. This Constituency Manager has helped many Political parties and individual leaders in managing the whole data of constituency.
  3. FEATURES  Constituency Management: Easily Mange Polling Booth of the constituency like Caste data, Party Workers information, Election Results of various pooling booths as well as track the Record of Voter canvassing of as many as possible pooling booths. Stay simple, stay ahead: The Constituency management Software has a very easy to use, simple user interface. With all the options available on the single screen, you don’t have to depend on anyone to operate the software. Time is money: Save your considerate time to manage your Constituency work on application. Manage all your work just by one application. Forget Paper Work: Manage all your data very easily on screen thus you won’t need to maintain your whole constituency information on a paper. Direct Printing: Extensive printing support lets you easily print any data directly by your office printer.  Quick Setup: Unlike traditional software, there’s nothing to install. Just sign up, establish your account, and you are ready-to-go in seconds.
  4. BENEFITS  Easily Mange Polling Booth of the constituency. Add and manage details of Party Workers of the polling booth.  Manage people Visits in party office.  See the Election Results and easily handle Caste data of various pooling booths.  Track down the Record of voter outreach programs.  Search for voters quickly and target specific voter groups by voting history in seconds. Pinpoint Canvassing Tools – Easily draw around dead ends, parks, lakes, freeways, and other route impediments. Generate mailing, walking and phone lists. Group voters according to their potential to support you. Easily update voters records and log at every voter “touch”. Compile reports on voter data with Constituent management. Website integration* with sign up, contribution pages, events & more.

Janadhar India Election Management Services for General Elections 2019 and Assembly Elections 2019

Janadhar India has been helping politicians, sitting MLAs, MPs and political aspirants in managing their end-to-end political and election campaign. Our services include:

1. Survey and Analysis
2. Strategic Consultancy
3. Campaign Design and Execution
4. Mass Outreach Media
5. Mobile Connect Programs
6. Digital Advertising and Social Media
7. LED Video Van
8. Cinema Advertising
9. Bulk SMS, WhatsApp and Calls
10. Customized Political Events
11. Youth Connect Programs
12. Women Connect Programs
13. Voter Influencer Network

“Janadhar India Brochure on IndiaMart” is locked Janadhar India Brochure on IndiaMart

While Checking the pulse of voter’s mood, Janadhar India has set it right for General Elections 2019

With an increasing amount of competition in upcoming General Elections 2019, Janadhar India has started making its presence in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, haryana Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

Janadhar India, has deployed its team in various states to read the real pulse of voters! The team has got insights from over then 100 parliamentary constituencies across Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Haryana, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh.

“We wish to help all sitting Member of Parliament, MLA or aspirant who want to fight upcoming General or Assembly Elections in 2019. A perception study carried out by our team in field on more than 100 parliamentary constituencies. The analysis has been done on various parameters like, voter’s mood, issues, performance, voting behaviour and more. We are sure that these insights will help political parties, and candidates fighting upcoming elections to plan their campaign in a right direction.” Said Manish Jha, Founder and Political Consultant at Janadhar India.

The voter pulse study is done by 250 cadres(Janadhar volunteers) by visiting more then 100 parliamentary constituencies, covered key influencers, voters and key stake holders from all segment of that particular area. Our analysis have all key parameters like, party’s performance, sitting candidate’s performance, competition analysis, voter’s pulse, major issues, incumbency factors, social media presence and many more. 

“At Janadhar India, we always believe that the major challenge is to design your campaign after analysing what voters want to see and hear. We help politicians in reaching out all voters so that the voter get the right communication.” Added Manish Jha.

Election Research by Janadhar India

One stop shop for Election Research, Voters Survey, Political Analysis and Election Campaign Management in India.

Understanding voters behaviour is a challenging task for others, and we offer a range of election research services that help to get the right Janadhar

  • Quantative Voters Survey
  • Qualatative Research
  • Psphological Election Research
  • Custmoized Election Strategy

Quantative Voters Survey

Election Research by Janadhar India helps with verfied survey at polling booth level. Our unique app gives the real time data with verified survey results through GPS location and Audio clip of voter.

Qualatative Research

Understand all dynamics of your constituency and design your election strategy based on key factors like caste, category, issues, influencers, popularity index and competition

Psphological Election Research

Read the mind of voter and keep an eye on voters mood. Election Research by Janadhar India analyse voters mood at booth level to draft your election strategy and execute political campaign that connects with voters.

Custmoized Election Strategy

Every polling booth behaves different when it comes to elections. Election Research by Janadhar India helps you with customized election strategy that works for you and deliver your communication to the right voter.

Political Reputation Management

Voters are tend to believe what they see in Print Media, Electronic Media and Digital Media. We, at Janadhar India, manage your reputation and improve visibility in all media vehicles across globe.

Voters Outreach

Janadhar India's customized voters outreach programs are designed in a way that you reach-out all voters and increase the vote share in your favor. This includes, Field and digital voters outreach

CIOReview names Janadhar India Most Promising Government and Public Sector Solution Providers – 2018

Janadhar India, a comprehensive election management company, has been recognized as one of the 20 most promising government and public sector solution providers - 2018 by CIOReview India Magazine.

New Delhi, 6-June-18

CIOReview India magazine applauds Janadhar India as a forerunner in Political and Election campaign management. As an industry thought leader Janadhar India, located in Delhi, Jaipur and four other metro cities across India, with their end-to-end election management solution that focuses on the herculean tasks with respect to effectively regulating all the facets of electoral management and enriching the political aspirant or candidate’s campaign management at an economical cost.

Mr. Manish K Jha, Founder, Janadhar India, said, "It feels great to be recognised as most promising government and public sector solution provider by CIOReview India. “We start with survey and research. We take all possible mediums and try to understand the core issues, what is the current MLAs or MPs performance, study the opposition and who are the influencers of that constituency. This is followed by meticulously designing a campaign around that and ensuring the campaign is executed as per the plan.”

About Janadhar India:

Established in the year 2015, Janadhar India specializes in a plethora of services like election research, opinion polls, campaign management, election material, poll worker management, election management software, innovative digital solutions, LED vans, public rallies, vendor management, voter outreach programs, social media outreach, custom websites and tailor-made mobile apps for a wider reach. The company designs and develops a campaign post extensive studies and surveys of the market right down to the booth level. To gain a better understanding, the team approaches every booth to identify the issues and challenges faced and also manage the crucial information of a particular constituency like influencers, poll workers and voters’ data. Through a dedicated app for the candidate or aspirant, the team also ensures that it supports to get maximum voter’s turn out with the real-time monitoring at polling booth level.

About CIOReview:

CIOReview is a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow. It is the leading source that shares innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solutions providers, upcoming hot enterprises and is a neutral source for technology decision makers. Published from Bangalore, Karnataka, CIOReview is an excellent platform for the enterprise to showcase their innovative solutions.